Yankees Legend Jorge Posada Charters Plane For The Fifth Time To Bring Ailing Elderly Puerto Ricans To Miami


Plenty of aid has been issued to Puerto Rico by celebrities. One celeb in particular used his influence to not only bring relief to the ravaged island but also to transport sick Puerto Ricans to the States.

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Pix11 reports Yankees legend Jorge Posada and his wife, Laura Posada, chartered a plane to Puerto Rico to bring elderly people suffering from diseases like liver cancer, dementia and diabetes Stateside. As part of their Hurricane Relief Fund, the couple has raised more than $340,000 and flown to the island five times since Hurricane Maria’s wrath last month.

“We’re gonna send a plane with 10,000 pounds, and we’re gonna to bring back 15 patients. And these are patients that are critically in need of medical treatment,” Posada told TMZ Sports of their fourth trip. Their most recent trip was made this month and brought back over 100 people. Volunteers from New York and Texas also helped the Posadas with boarding the elderly onto the plane and connecting them with family members anxiously waiting for their arrival at Miami International Airport.

Deborah Ybarra, a volunteer nurse from Texas, flew to Puerto Rico on her own dime. She connected with a 103-year-old woman in Vieques. Before linking with Posada, Ybarra got the woman and her niece on a helicopter to board the flight.

“She’s a 103-year-old living with a cognitively impaired niece, and they were running out of their medication,” she said. “Everybody is somebody’s somebody, and she’s somebody’s somebody, which makes her important. To me, it was personal because if it were me, I’d want the same for my grandmother.”

The woman now looks as Ybarra as a friend. “I love you so much, you are my friend now,” the woman said in Spanish to the teary-eyed nurse.

The tears continued once the women and the others reunited with family and friends. A 70-year-old Vietnam war veteran suffering from liver cancer got the chance to meet the Posadas and thanked them for their efforts.

“This is what’s it about,” Laura told the outlet. “It’s like a mental roller coaster. There’s a lot of downs, but there’s also lots of highs.”

Try not to shed tears while watching the video above.

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