Yo Gotti Breaks His Silence On Alleged Beef With Young Dolph

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Yo Gotti has remained rather quiet since reports alleged that he was a person of interest in the Young Dolph shooting in late Sept. 2017. Although Los Angeles authorities later proved that he was not a suspect, the rumor mill has been steadily turning regarding the two’s alleged beef. But in a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Gotti assured everyone that there really is no beef.

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“I don’t got no issue,” the rapper declared when asked about Young Dolph. “[We] never had one argument. We never touched each other, ever in life. We never exchanged no money, ever in life. The facts is just… I’m the biggest rapper from Memphis.”

Further along in the interview, Gotti said that he tries to stay as far away from the drama and feuding as possible. Instead, his  eye is only on the paper. “They take certain incidents and turn it into marketing and try to boost the sales,” the rapper said of the media’s involvement. “You don’t never see me speaking on that, I’m trying to stay away from it… I really don’t think homie got no issue. I just think it’s marketing… I don’t know, it ain’t nothing real.”

Using a rap feud as a marketing tool isn’t completely unheard of, but fans may have a hard time believing that theory. According to reports, Dolph and Gotti’s alleged feud dates back to 2014, when Gotti attempted to sign the young rapper to his label. Young Dolph reportedly declined, and a series of arguments allegedly ensued.

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Although Gotti says there isn’t any war, Dolph threw a couple  of jabs at the Memphis artist in his recent feature with The Fader. In the story, he referred to Gotti as “Lil Dude,” and suggested he was not a fan.

Gotti may insist everything’s okay, but these two probably shouldn’t be in the same room anytime soon.