10 Year Old Raises $4K From A Bake Sale After Learning Of Her Mother’s Cancer Diagnosis


When 10-year-old Olivia Ohlson learned her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, she immediately sprung into action. The little girl began selling pink lemonade and baked shortbread cookies with the help of her grandmother right outside of her Evanston, Illinois home.

“I always wanted to have a lemonade sale, and when my mom got cancer, I wanted to raise funds for women like her,” Olivia said. “I thought that since I wanted to raise money, I could have a lemonade stand.”

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To help raise $4,00 Olivia reached out to local bakeries and asked if they could donate cookies in the shape of the famous pink breast cancer ribbon so she could sell, and from there things took off. With the help of online donations from family and friends, Olivia was able to raise the money. The fifth grader says she plans to give the proceeds to the NorthShore Kellogg Cancer Center, where her mom Gini Ohlson, is being treated.

“I know my mom has lots of family and friends who take care of her, but other people don’t, so they need more support,” she said. “By giving Kellogg money, they can use it for patients.”

Gini, 50, was diagnosed with breast cancer in both her breasts back in March and has since underdone a double mastectomy. In May she said she was halfway through her 16 rounds of preventative chemotherapy. Olivia is Ohlson’s only child and while speaking with ABC she said she’s proud of her daughter’s take charge attitude.

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“She didn’t just go with the fun part,” Ohlson said. “She brought everything out, made the signs, did the display and had friends who came and helped her during the sale as well.”

Well done, Olivia. Well done.