Adonis Bosso Is Fearless And He Isn’t Afraid Of The “Jungle”


Ivorian model-turned-singer, Adonis Bosso is not only sought after, to rip runways, by fashion icons such as Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger and CEOs of DKNY, the African god also has an iLLmatic and compelling pen game.

Bosso has set out on a journey to create trailblazing paths in the music industry. He understands that it’ll be an arduous climb to the top, too. But don’t think that he’s deterred. Bosso’s latest offering, “Jungle,” is a testament to his understanding of hardships.

“Jungle is about silver linings. No matter what wolfe is ruling over the jungle, no matter the obstacle we may face in our day-to-day lives, there is still this hope,” Adonis says via e-mail. “It’s about the sacrifices you make every day to succeed. The things you do to be high enough to always see the light. The struggle of the people who look just like me to make it this life. It’s about chasing your dreams, it’s about the routine of woking in the matrix. It’s about hope.”

Over acoustic guitars strings, “Jungle” has serious, yet happy and encouraging tone it.

“I am an African. I’m a little boy at heart,” Bosso says when asked about his reasons for writing “Jungle.” “I grew up in Canada and now live in America. In a time where a message of separation and hate is spread across the world, when the representation of my people is still one sided, it’s my duty to shine a light on our reality and give the world more positive and accurate light on the African diaspora. Show its diversity and itss beauty. “Jungle” is the first step into this journey and story that I want the world to be involved in- a journey of love.”

Watch the video above and support “Jungle” by purchasing it over at iTunes.