Alicia Keys Shares Unreleased Song “When You Were Gone” On ‘As I Am’ Anniversary

As Alicia Keys’As I Am album turned 10, the Grammy award winning singer shared her personal thoughts on the seminal project in her storied career. As the album rose to the top of the Billboard charts, thanks to her single “No One,” Keys once again reinvented herself for fans.

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“This is one of the very first songs I came back from Egypt and wrote,” wrote Alicia in a new diary entry reflecting on the anniversary and unreleased song. “Maybe it was the second song, the first one had a whole Egyptian vibe, I’ll play that for you one day too. But this one really started to create the sound that ‘As I Am’ has. We were experimenting with a lot of keyboards and sounds and styles of recording, and we were all about breaking boundaries and writing things in new ways.”

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