Baltimore Cop Killed With His Own Gun One Day Before Scheduled Testimony Against Fellow Officers

Authorities in Baltimore are offering a $215,000 reward for information on the fatal shooting of a detective who was expected to testify against fellow officers in a federal racketeering case. Sean Suiter was shot to death with his own gun just one day before his scheduled testimony, Police Commissioner Kevin Davis revealed Wednesday (Nov. 22).

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Sutter, 43, and his killer struggled with his weapon in what Davis called a “spontaneous encounter.”

The married father of five was gunned down on Nov. 15, as he and his partner were investigating a triple homicide. During the investigation, Suiter reportedly encountered a man acting suspiciously in an empty lot in between a group of houses.

Suiter was shot in the head during the confrontation. He died the following day.

His daughter has set up a Go Fund Me account to raise $50,000 to help financially support the family.

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Davis revealed that surveillance footage from the incident shows Sutter’s partner seeking cover upon hearing gunshots, before calling 911.

Suiter was set to testify in front of a grand jury in regards to the group of officers belonging to an elite gun task force who are accused of robbing citizens, faking police reports, selling drugs, making “fraudulent overtime claims,” extortion and more. In March, over a half a dozen officers belonging to the Gun Trace Task Force were arrested for abuse of power in a federal racketeering conspiracy, according to the indictment announced by Maryland U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein.

The number of gun arrests in the city declined by 25 percent after the officers were indicted.

However, David says Suiter’s death had nothing to do with the case. “The BPD and FBI do not possess any information that this incident is part of any conspiracy,” he said according to the Baltimore Sun. “There is no information that has been communicated to me that Detective Suiter was anything other than a stellar detective, great friend, loving husband and dedicated father.”

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