People Went Coconuts Because Barack Obama Went To Jury Duty


Barack Obama has many titles. Some include President, father and still my President. But on Wednesday (Nov. 8) Obama carried the title of would-juror as he headed to Chicago’s Daley Center for jury duty.

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The Chicago Tribune reports Obama arrived at the center this morning to join other potential jury members in the selection room. With tons of photographers and fans around, Obama appeared bright and cheery given the circumstances.

Obama took a private elevator with his security to the room, where he shook nearly every hand. He also helped brighten the normally vanilla experience by cracking a few jokes.


Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans shared with the outlet that Obama was dismissed from taking part in the jury process. If not for his presidential status, Obama would’ve been paid roughly $17.00 a day to be a juror.

Other presidents like George W. Bush and Bill Clinton were called for the duty in 2015 and 2003 but were not picked.

Obama currently resides in Washington D.C., but still has his Chicago home in Kenwood.

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