Black Friday Deals Kick Off Early With A Side Of Brawls & Shootings


Catching a sale has once again brought out the primal behavior of shoppers on the infamous day known as Black Friday.

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Thousands of people rushed to retailers for the annual event, with some stores opening as early as 5 p.m. on Thursday (Nov. 23). Alabama’s news outlet AL reports the Riverchase Galleria closed early due to scuffle in a shoe store. Lt. Keith Czeskleba told reporters police responded an incident between two women.

While Czekelba claimed the brawl wasn’t sale-related, other reports explained the fight happened because one woman mistakenly hit a child with a shoe.

Alabama wasn’t the only area taken over by crazed shoppers. A video also surfaced of two adults wrestling over a toy in a Walmart.

Meanwhile, a shooting happened in the parking lot of Missouri’s Columbia Mall late Thursday evening. ABC 17 News reports a 19-year-old was listed in critical condition after an interaction with the police.

Details remain murky, but the shooting happened as a vehicle was being searched. It’s unknown if the shooting was by accident or intentional.

With people spending more every year on Black Friday and Cyber Mondays, we don’t see this tradition dying anytime soon.

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