Boosie Says Meek Mill Will “Be Back Even Stronger” After Prison Stint


Boosie believes that prison will motivate Meek Mill to come back to the game stronger and richer than ever before.

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The rapper spoke to TMZ’s cameras at LAX, where he was asked about his thoughts on the Philly MC’s controversial prison stint, in which he’ll serve a reported 2-4 years behind bars for probation violations. Many industry heavyweights have sent their support to the embattled rapper via social media.

“All he gotta do is work on his craft, read the music books, get smarter and sh*t like that,” the “Wipe Me Down” spitter said. “He ain’t got nothin’ but two years, he’ll probably do ten months, ni**a that ain’t sh*t! Y’all making a big deal over this sh*t, it’s probably what…ten months? once you a street ni**a, you can handle that sh*t.”

Boosie also said that he knows from experience that prison time can motivate people to come back and be the best version of themselves. Boosie was incarcerated from 2009 to 2014 after pleading guilty to drug charges.

“I came back 30 times stronger, and he’s gonna do the same thing,” he said. “He’s gonna come back and get that sh*t right back.”

“Even though it was some bullsh*t, he gonna be back even stronger…He’s gonna miss a lot of money, but he gonna get that double back. He’ll be richer in two months when he come back than he was his whole career, just like that.”

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Check out his comments below.

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