Teen Girl In Brazil Commits Suicide After Ex-Boyfriend Leaks Her Private Photos

A 15-year-old Brazilian teenager committed suicide after rumors of her ex-boyfriend releasing intimate photos of her online surfaced, the New York Daily News reports.

Reportedly, Karina Saifer Oliveira was found dead on the back porch of her house in Nova Andradina, 500 miles west of Sao Paulo, according to Buzzfeed

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“I wouldn’t wish this on any mother,” the teen’s mom Angela Saifer said.  “She’s always been very sweet. Lately, she’d sit on my lap, kicking her legs to the side, and just run her hands through my hair,” Saifer continued. “I asked if anything was going on. And she would say no. ‘I’m just giving you a hug,’ she’d say. I didn’t know anything was happening.”

Though she said she didn’t see any signs of her daughter being in any type of stress or depression, the girl’s father said she did mention she felt bad because of the alleged exposed photos.

“She came to talk to me, saying that she was feeling like a trashy person because this had happened to her. I said it didn’t have anything to do with her,” he said. Police are investigating the case and the 17-year-old boy she dated when she was 14.

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Additionally, her father mentioned that Karina was bullied for being biracial and having a mixed hair texture. “After she died, we saw messages from students on her WhatsApp, hateful ones, from students teasing her about her hair because it was half-afro, because she used a hair straightener. They’d been sending them for over a year,” he said.

Later, the deceased teen’s sister also found images of her dead body on WhatsApp. Her mother found her when she returned home on Nov. 7, and predicts only police would have access to witnessing the fatal occurrence. The family filed a complaint to law enforcement, but police commissioner Luiz Quirina Antunes Gago affirmed cops did not leak the picture.