Cardi B Silences Everyone Who’s Trying To Rush Her Debut Album

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Cardi B might have catapulted to instant stardom, thanks to her No. smash hit, Bodak Yellow, but when it comes to cranking out more hits, the Bronx native says she wants to take her time. There has been a lot of chatter surrounding the rapper’s debut album and whether it will live up to the hype, but as far as Cardi is concerned, she’s perfecting her craft, and that takes time.

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The “No Limit” artist recently shared a message on Twitter on Nov. 19, concerning her album and the pressure that has come with creating it. “I have a lot of pressure on me,” she wrote. “I have songs stashed up .I just don’t think they qualified for my album .Sometimes i think is ready sometimes i think it’s not so I’m going to take my time till it’s right.”

Cardi’s announcement comes only a few days after she previewed new music on Instagram. In the short clip, she is seen modeling while rapping along to the hard track. “I’m just trying to chill and make bangers/Tell all these old bitches they in danger/The thing on my hip whip bitches into shape/That’s what I call a fucking waist trainer/You gon’ run up on who and do what?/I think y’all got your stories screwed up/I came here to ball is you nuts/I don’t want your punk ass man I’m too tough/I’m with this killer shit hands down/If you got a problem with me say it now/’Cause I don’t want to hear no sneak dissing/Especially from you weak bitches,” she spits.

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There is no word on when fans should expect Cardi’s debut album. But it’s safe to say we’ll get it when she’s good and ready.

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