Charlamagne Tha God Doesn’t Think Tyrese Has Mental Health Issues

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Discussions surrounding mental health in the African-American community are beginning to come to the surface. Slowly the idea of just “sucking it up” is being replaced with the belief that therapy and healthy communication can aid in overcoming or at least managing whatever issues one might have.

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And then there are just some people who simply lack act right. Power 105.1 host, Charlamagne Tha God seems to thinks Tyrese, who has been at the center of controversy, is the latter.

After a California judge dismissed the claims leveled against the 38-year-old singer/actor by his ex-wife, and allowed for supervised visitation with his daughter Shayla, The Fast & The Furious actor took to social media and said Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith generously loaned him $5 million to assist with his mounting legal fees and to stay offline. Sources close to the Hollywood A-List couple quickly denied the claim, which made The Breakfast Club host wonder if Tyrese really has mental health issues, or he just has issues?

“Yes we need to discuss mental illness more in America, but we also need to discuss most of y’all just being FULL OF SH*T,” Charlamagne captioned. Comic and one of Uncle Charla’s more problematic friends Lil Duval saw the Instagram post and tagged you know who.

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While Tami Roman didn’t venture in the mental health territory, the Basket Ball Wives reality star said Tyrese’s actions are proof of what happens when someone simply can’t keep their mouth shut.

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“Now, see a closed mouth don’t get fed, but a big mouth won’t get you sh*t but a reneg,” Roman said.