Chicago Officer Who Shot At Car Of Teens Sentenced To Five Years


A Chicago policer officer was reportedly sentenced to five years in federal prison on Monday afternoon (Nov. 20), ABC 7 reports. Officer Marco Proano was reportedly convicted of shooting at a car full of teenagers back in 2013.

Proano was reportedly responding to a call about a stolen vehicle on the night of Dec. 22, 2013. When approaching the suspected Toyota however, dashcam video shows the officer firing 16 shots at the car, which was filled with African-American passengers.

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The CPD officer claimed that he was not trying to hurt anyone and that he was protecting human life that night, but a judger was not buying the act. After having watched the video, Judge Gary Feinerman determined no one was in danger that night before Proano fired his gun. He reportedly called Proano’s actions a “deliberate, reckless attempt” to stop the occupants of the vehicle, according to ABC.

Proano was reportedly convicted of two counts of using unreasonable force and causing bodily injury.

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Proano’s attorney tried to argue he was a scapegoat and a victim of anti-police sentiment following the Laquan McDonald shooting. However,  U.S. Attorney Joel Levin stated that the judge’s decision was just. “This was a case where a police officer knowingly, knowingly violated civil rights of the people who were in that car, on that day,” said acting U.S. Attorney Joel Levin.

Prosecutors originally asked for an eight-year sentence, but the jury of his peers ultimately settled on five years. Proano will have to report to federal  prison on Jan. 23, 2018.