Chris Rivers Defends Big Pun & Clarifies The Misconceptions Behind His “Fear Of My Crown” Video


Recently, we premiered Chris Rivers’ intense video for “Fear Of My Crown,” and it’s safe to say it has recieved plenty of mixed reactions from his fans and his father Big Pun’s fans. The video highlights the painful reality of domestic violence victims, and how it can be passed down from generation to generation until someone is brave enough to stop it. After the video dropped, the overall meaning touched hearts everywhere, but it also led people to believe that the video was a literal reflection of Rivers’ childhood while growing up with his father Big Pun.

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Rivers says that’s not the case at all. On the night before Pun’s birthday, Rivers took to Pun’s former producer Domingo’s Facebook page to clarify that “Fear Of My Crown” was not meant to depict his or his family’s life when Pun was alive and reiteraite the exact purpose of his “Fear Of My Crown” video.

“I want to first say that I’m super thankful for all of the positive feedback on all the people telling me [how much ‘Fear Of My Crown’] helped them,” Rivers said. “Really, we just wanted to raise awareness for domestic violence and other things like that: people that’s felt oppressed and people that felt like they couldn’t talk about this. This is why we do that. I always speak from a personal place, but I want to tell y’all that the video itself was not a depiction of my life. It wasn’t a depiction of my father. It wasn’t a depiction of my family. It was a depiction of abuse itself, and we’re trying to raise this awareness and we’re trying to bring it up. It’s been kind of marginalized, it’s been taken out of context, so I just wanted to clear the air real quick.”

On Pun’s birthday, Rivers dedicated a lengthy post to his pops and emphasized just how much he really means to him no matter what they’ve been through. Check out his full statement below.

Even if the video isn’t about Rivers or his pops, the 23-year-old rapper did what he set out to do. “Fear Of My Crown” is still an eye-opening video that raises awareness about domestic violence, and can possibly help save lives in the future.