Chrisette Michele On Trump’s Inauguration “I Regret Everything That Happened”

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Ever since Chrisette Michele performed at Donald Trump’s inauguration, a lot of people in the black community turned their backs on the singer/songwriter. Just this week, the 34-year-old took to social media to announce she had a miscarriage and had been dropped by the label she signed a distribution deal with.

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The Internet is a lot of things, but sympathetic isn’t one of them and no mercy was given when Christete Michele revealed the hard times she’s endured. Thursday morning (Nov. 2) Ms. Michele stopped by The Breakfast Club where she owned up to the bad decision she said made at the top of the year.

“I regret everything that happened. I think that was a bad choice,” Michele said.

The Power 105.1 talking heads all gave the songstress an “I told you so” look, but the “Rich Hipster” singer said she hoped her message would provide hope to those who didn’t support the newly elected president.

“A lot of times when you have a message of hope, a lot of times when you have a message of healing you think–maybe it’s a self-righteous things or maybe it’s a mistake to feel that way–but you think ‘Man, if I just tell people everything will be okay, they’ll hear me.’ “

Michele said she has her own label Rich Hipster but was recently dropped from the company she signed her distribution deal with. While she plans on releasing her own music independently, she said her involvement in Trump’s inauguration led to her sour business relationship,

“When you get dropped from a label they don’t say ‘You weigh 222 pounds and your mother wears Army boots and we don’t want to work with you anymore.’  They’re not going to say because of your participation in the inauguration, but I mean, some things are kind of obvious.”

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When asked about why she posted a picture of another woman’s miscarriage on social media, Michele said when she was experiencing her own she didn’t think to take a photo, but because women’s issues as well as the shame of having a miscarriage aren’t topics people discuss she wanted to be transparent, not attention seeking.

“I wanted people to know the severity of what I experienced so I put something up to show it. I didn’t want it to fall on deaf ears.”

Watch the 30 minute interview below.