Colin Kaepernick Tweets Message Of Solidarity For Meek Mill


Colin Kaepernick didn’t become GQ’s “Citizen Of The Year” without drawing attention to important issues in America. The NFL free agent was blackballed from the league for taking a stand (or rather, a knee) against police brutality, and now, he’s using his voice and platform to raise awareness about another controversial topic affecting black men.

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Last week, it was reportedly that rapper Meek Mill will serve 2-4 years in prison for probation violations. Kaepernick took to Twitter Monday (Nov. 13) to tweet about the injustices many black men like Meek have faced in the hands of the corrupt system.

“Sadly there are Black folks going through the same radicalized injustice(s) within the justice system that Meek Mill has experienced for over a decade EVERY SINGLE DAY,” he wrote with a picture of the embattled musician underneath. ‘This requires more than just gradual reform in laws—It requires a swift overhaul.”

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Many celebrities and musicians, including JAY-Z, Remy Ma and T.I., have voiced their disdain over the Philly MC’s sentence, stating that it’s too intense of a punishment for too small of a violation.