Coolio Wants To Run For Vice President In 2020


Donald Trump has pretty much opened the door to nearly anyone with a mouth and access to social media to run for office. And with that being said, a number of people are actually giving it a shot. Rapper Coolio is apparently the latest media influencer to have interests in moving to the White House in 2020. In fact, a report from KESQ, states that the rapper already has intent to run for Vice President in 2020.

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According to the report, Coolio wants to run alongside, former porn star, Cherie DeVille, who will go for the presidential seat. Deville previously announced that she would be running for office in Aug. 2017. “Somebody got to do something man, somebody got to try,” he told KESQ. “We need normal people, we need normal regular everyday people in office.”

He also expressed his views on the current political climate an government. “I believe there truly is a Deep State. And I think there is a Deep Deep State and nothing is what it seems,” he added.

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Coolio follows Kanye West and Kid Rock, who also announced they would be running for office earlier this year. It seems as though both have dropped out of the upcoming race however. While anyone could probably do a better job than Trump at this point, the people are probably not looking to replace Donnie with Coolio.