Donald Trump Wants NFL To Suspend Marshawn Lynch Next Time He Sits For The National Anthem


Donald Trump continues to add names to his list of pro-athletes who protest the national anthem for a cause bigger than the song’s lyrics. While the sun began its course, Trump opened his Twitter app to aim one of his first thoughts of the day at Marshawn Lynch.

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Before the start of a match against the New England Patriots in Mexico City, Mexico over the weekend, Lynch reportedly sat on the Oakland Raiders bench as the U.S.A.’s “Star Spangled-Banner” played. When Mexico’s national anthem blared throughout the stadium, Lynch allegedly acknowledged the song by standing up.

Of course, that gesture didn’t sit too well with Trump who called Beastmode’s actions a “great disrespect!” He also called for the NFL to suspend Lynch “for remainder of season.”

Although Trump has foreign affairs that continue to mount at his White House door, 45 still manages to keep up with happenings in the sports world. Recently, he traveled to China to visit President Xi Jinping to discuss a myriad of topics that impact both countries. While overseas, Trump reportedly asked Jinping to help with three UCLA basketball players’ shoplifting incident. One of those athletes is LaVar Ball’s son.

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After the trio returned to the U.S., Ball’s son thanked Trump, but his father didn’t see the point in giving Trump credit. “Don’t tell me nothing,” Ball said to ESPN. “Everybody wants to make it seem like he helped me out.”

Trump then tweeted his thoughts, which can be read below.