An Eight-Year-Old ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Fan Is Convinced Idris Elba Is Jesus


Idris Elba’s wishes for a bigger role in the Marvel universe might come true thanks to an adorable fan’s revelation.

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Elba plays the Asgardian gatekeeper Heimdall in the past Thor films, and the recently released Thor: Ragnarok. Human rights activist Qasim Rashid shared on Twitter a funny story of how his 8-year-old son found Heimdall to have abilities of a higher power.

“My favorite character was the guy who looked like Jesus,” he told his father. After assuming his child was talking about Thor or The Incredible Hulk (played by Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo), the child quickly explained that Idris’ character shared the same qualities as Jesus. “No, the black guy who protected everyone from the bad guys. I think that’s what Jesus would do. Yes, the Jesus guy.”

The tweet was seen by Elba, who appreciated the compliment.

The moment inspired others to share stories of representation.

In a recent interview, the actor explained how he’d like to expand his role in the Thor movies or even break out to become the amazing superhero we know he can be. “I wish I was more present in the Marvel family,” he said. “I like what I have, but I also wish that I had a bigger character in the Marvel universe. It’s been great, but I kinda think I need a bit more. I want to be a superhero. I like the idea of that.”

So do we.

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