80-Year-Old Woman Reportedly Evicted From Brooklyn Apartment Without Notice


An elderly Brooklyn woman was reportedly evicted from her apartment without notice when she was away on vacation, PIX11 reports. The 80-year-old reportedly told her landlord that she will be out of the city for the summer.

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During that time, the landlord claimed that Joy Noel refused to sign her new lease. Noel, however, affirms that she did not know of the eviction process because on court documents her name was misspelled, and the paperwork was sent to the wrong address.

“They knew I was not going to be here,” she said. “You know how many people would love to have a tenant like me? Fixing my apartment and paying my rent on time.”

When she returned back from her trip, all of her stuff was moved out and a new tenant moved into her home. Community leaders deem the eviction illegal. Local politicians rallied to bring light to Noel’s case.

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A representative for the landlord, Carnegie Management, arrived on the scene to defend the company, claiming that Noel wasn’t a good tenant and her Flatbush apartment was filled with clutter. The rep added that the property had violations stemming back to 2012.

Noel is reportedly staying at a friend’s house. Further details are still pending.