Erykah Badu’s Classic Break Up Song “Tyrone” Turns 20


“Ladies, how y’all feel? Brothers, y’all alright?”

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If you’re a fan of Erykah Badu (and you should be) then you’ve heard her ask this question time and time again during her performances. Over the weekend, Ms. Badu took to social media to let her followers know that one of her classic songs “Tyrone” happened almost by mistake.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Badu, who served as the mistress of ceremony for the 2017 Soul Train Awards, said “Tyrone” started out as a joke one day during rehearsals.

“I freestyled the whole thing live the next night in DC,” Badu captioned. “The girls hit that “call him ” on cue with just a glance from me as a signal. We heard it on the radio the next day …Crazy.”

While fans couldn’t get enough of Badu’s hilarious depiction of a aint sh*t dude, Badu admits for 20 years she couldn’t get away from the song.

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“Call Tyrone followed me through my career like an obsessed ex-boyfriend. No matter how I tried to avoid it .. it was always there. I think that’s how 3000 feels about ‘Hey Ya!’ “

To make the moment even sweeter, the 20th anniversary of Tyrone also fell on Seven’s 20th birthday.
“I’m Blessed! Our son is also 20 today. Happy b day Seven and Tyrone.”