Eskeerdo Reevaluates His Circle Of Trust In “No Chance” Video


Eskeerdo keeps his circle small, but there are still times when he’s stuck cutting off the fake girls which he thought were too real. Months after dropping off songs like “Gotta Love It” and “Ex’s,” we debuted the Cuban wordsmith’s recent single “No Chance,” which fights off all toxic imposters who try to break into his circle of trust.

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In his new video for the track, the “fakies” who actually think Eskeerdo would place them on a pedestal higher than his day one crew get a rude awakening. Directed by Andre Rene, the “Weekend Behavior” rapper defends himself against all conniving, money-hungry chicks who finesse their way into his circle. In the end, they realize that there’s no way they would last in Eskeerdo’s clique.

Watch Eskeerdo in full hater-blocker mode in his video for “No Chance” below.