Frank Ocean Reportedly Finished A New Album

Frank Ocean may or may not have a new full body of work to release. The R&B star recently took to his favorite vehicle of communication, Tumblr, and wrote a highly-suggestive statement regarding a fifth album. The announcement came after he released physical copies of his visual project, Endless, on Cyber Monday (Nov. 27)

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“‘Well! I made the album before 30. I just ain’t put that bi**h out!’ – quotes from an interview I haven’t given haha,” he wrote. Some speculate that the obscure post is a continuation of a screenshot that has been floating in Ocean’s Subreddit, which promises he’ll make five albums before he’s 30 years old, The Fader reports.

Recently, the Blonde singer penned a stream of consciousness letter for his cover on i-D. If you read between the lines, clues to new music on the way might lay within.

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“I’ll never know why or what’s with campouts for Szechuan sauce at McDonald’s,” he wrote. “But I’m way into it. Issa Dreamworld. If you liked two thousand and seventeen then you’ll love two thousand and eighteen.”

Maybe that dream world is one of new music?