Gashi Lashes Out At His Critics On New Song “No, No, No”


Gashi is on his way up, and has no intentions of riding with non-believers who want to bring him down. The Brooklyn native has been thriving under Roc Nation’s wing since his single “Disrespectful” racked up two million streams in two weeks. After wrapping up his ‘Disrespectful Tour’ across the country, Gashi officially dropped the ‘4’ from his name, and continues his pursuit to entertain his growing fanbase — not the haters.

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On his new single “No, No, No,” Gashi proves he’s not messing with fake fans. He cuts off every person who initially doubted his talent then tried to ride with him as his career flourishes. With another hot single on his hands, Gashi is prepping the masses for his upcoming project Stairs 2 coming soon.

Listen to Gashi’s “No, No, No” below.