Fret Not, Late Shoppers: There’s Something For Everyone In VIBE’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Now is the time when the panic sets in. The Thanksgiving turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing have barely been cleared off the table before the daunting task of creating and tackling a holiday gift list starts to loom overhead. The questions start racing once you realize Black Friday is damn near tomorrow: Who gets what? Where should I go? What do I pick up for myself? What’s my max budget? What’s my minimum? Will people be mad if I just get gift cards and be done with it? All valid inquiries, but try not to stress. We’ve got your back.

VIBE staffers put together a diverse list of budget-friendly and premium potential presents—our collection of 43 items focused on travel, fitness, technology, parties, beauty, and unique accessories/apparel—and even modeled them for you. Take a deep breath, go find your credit card, and flip through our guide to get an idea of the right gifts for you.