How To Relax A Turkey, As Told By Plies


If you’re thinking of new ways to bring a little flavor to your Thanksgiving turkey worry no longer, Plies has you covered.

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The rapper and purveyor of ratchet-righteousness shared Wednesday (Nov. 22) the secret behind his adored fried turkey. “Everyone wants to know what makes my turkey so special, ” he said while pulling out a bottle of Remy Martin. “You’ve got to relax the turkey, he has to be relaxed before you put him in that grease. Only way to relax the turkey is with what? With the yak. Sh*t if you want me to relax, what you gotta do? You gotta hit the yak.”

With plenty of sexual undertones present, the rapper hilariously rubbed the animal.

Plies Secret: “U Gotta Relax The Turkey”…. #Plies #CheckCallin #PurpleHeart #FEMA #RealHitta #RanOffOnDaPlugTwice #RitzCarlton

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He also took a moment to send out thanks. “I enjoy y’all more than y’all can ever enjoy me,” he said to his millions of followers. “Enjoy this day and don’t let nobody steal your joy!! Don’t forget, the devil works on Thanksgiving. God Bless & Happy Turkey Day Bih!!

Never change Plies.

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