Jade Novah Provides “First Look” Of Beyoncé’s Role In ‘The Lion King’


When the full casting of the live action remake of The Lion King was released this month, fans went ballistic. The star-studded line up reunited James Earl Jones with the role of Mufasa and welcomed Donald Glover as Simba. One casting that stood out the most happened to be Beyonce as Nala.

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Singer and Keyonce-creator Jade Novah provided the perfect footage of Beyonce playing Nala via her Instagram Thursday (Nov. 16). In the clip, Nala reads Simba for leaving Pride Rock but also hinting his need to “put a ring on it.”

“Wouldn’t be a pride rock if it wasn’t for YOU.” *in my Beyoncé voice

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We’re just ready for the music numbers. Novah’s impersonations of the singer have won fans over for years. She’s released plenty of clips, including Bey’s charming twin sister Keyonce Bowles. Recently, Novah shared Bey’s strategy meeting regarding her newly-designed Instagram page.


Novah’s singing chops are just as good as her impressions.

You can check out her somber cover of “Strange Fruit” below.

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