Jordan Peele Clarifies Decision To Place “Get Out” In Comedy Category


Reports swirled last week that Jordan Peele’s directorial debut Get Out would be up for Golden Globe consideration in the “Best Picture- Musical or Comedy” category.

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Many fans were confused as to why the film, which looks into racism, the objectification of black bodies and more, would be placed in a genre that it didn’t seem to portray. However, in an exclusive chat with Deadline, Peele said that he didn’t initially see the issue.

“When I originally heard the idea of placing it in the comedy category it didn’t register to me as an issue,” he said. “I missed it. There’s no category for social thriller. So what? I moved on.”

Peele said he originally made the film for a group of horror movie fans who have been underrepresented, and that the movie doesn’t belong to anyone to anyone in particular.

Get Out doesn’t just belong to me any more, now it belongs to everyone,” he continued. “The reason for the visceral response to this movie being called a comedy is that we are still living in a time in which African American cries for justice aren’t being taken seriously.”

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“It’s important to acknowledge that though there are funny moments, the systemic racism that the movie is about is very real. More than anything, it shows me that film can be a force for change. At the end of the day, call Get Out horror, comedy, drama, action or documentary, I don’t care. Whatever you call it, just know it’s our truth.”