Jordan Peele & Lil Rel Don’t Think ‘Get Out’ Is A Comedy

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It was recently revealed that the popular thriller, Get Out would compete as a comedy in the 2018 Golden Globes, and a lot of people have questions. Some of the cast and crew have spoken out about the genre swap on Twitter.

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Screenwriter, Jordan Peele, was one of the first people to speak up on Twitter. “Get Out is a documentary,” Peele jokingly wrote. Lil Rel, who played TSA officer Rod Williams in the film, also tweeted about the news. “But if I can be honest this is weird to me… Their is nothing funny about racism… Was it that unrealistic lol,” he wrote.

Even so, Rel admitted the film could fit into any category. “But I will say this Jordan Peele wrote a masterpiece that has horror, drama, suspense and comedy in it,” he added. “And it all was good so hey maybe it just fits in a bunch of categories!!! This my first go around so hey lol.”

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Golden Globes nominations will reportedly be announced Monday, Dec. 11. The awards telecast will follow on Jan. 8 at 8:00 p.m. ET on NBC.