Keyshia Cole Shows Sympathy For Tyrese After His Emotional Social Media Breakdown

For much of the last week, Tyrese has been using social media to chronicle the developments in his custody battle with ex-wife Norma Gibson, but the internet seems to be split between empathizing with him, and cracking jokes.

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After a series of seemingly erratic posts which included Tyrese taking more shots at his Fast & Furious co-star Dwayne Johnson, quitting (and then rejoining) the film franchise, declaring himself broke because of legal bills, and calling out his rich friends for disappearing during the custody drama, Cole offered an encouraging perspective on why he deserves sympathy.

Cole, who featured Tyrese in her 2006 music video for “Love”  shared a screenshot of a tweet blasting the internet for “clowning” him, while championing the importance of black men’s mental health.

“I hope [you] guys don’t dislike me for this,” Cole wrote on Instagram Friday (Nov. 3). “And trust me [I’m] not saying anyone’s perfect. It just hurts me to think, this could be me, or you.”

As the “Incapable” singer explained, given that she recently met her father, she sympathizes with Tyrese and other parents “fighting for that piece of your heart that may be missing because of the legal system.”

“I just met my father after 35 years so please excuse my interest in this situation,” she continued. “I just [know] how it feels, to feel like a piece of you is missing.”

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On Thursday (Nov. 2), Tyrese made a video declaring his innocence against his ex-wife’s claims that he beat their 10-year-old daughter, Shayla. He was headed to court at the time and asked fans for prayers while addressing friends telling him to “chill out” with all of the social media posts.

“It’s very easy for your to judge somebody when your circumstances ain’t mine,” he said.

On a positive note, Tyrese has been cleared of abuse claims after the Los Angeles Department of Child and Family Services closed the investigation.

Check below for Cole’s full Instagram post about Tyrese.

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