Trump Supporters Are Coming For LeVar Burton Thinking He’s LaVar Ball


Contrary to popular belief, black people don’t all look alike, and just because some share the same name, it doesn’t mean they’re the same person.

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The above disclaimer especially pertains to the Trump supporters who have been berating RootsStar Trek, and Reading Rainbow star LeVar Burton. They believe that he is the LaVar their president has been going in on via Twitter.

Burton, always clever and kind, has taken the taunts in stride, joking about the gaffe on social media. He has been called a “has been actor” who has “broken the rules of good manners” with his “unlawful parenting skills.” Ouch.

In actuality, it is LaVar Ball who Trump has been tweeting about this week. Trump says that because of him, three UCLA basketball players (including LaVar’s son LiAngelo) were released and saved from a possible jail sentence after shoplifting in China.

The eldest Ball refused to thank Trump, and in a new interview with CNN, he said that he would thank 45 if he personally flew the boys back to America on Air Force One. On Wednesday morning, Trump tweeted about Ball and called him the “poor man’s Don King.”

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