Man Fakes His Death To Help Police Catch His Wife Who Hired A Hitman To Kill Him


Ramon Sosa and Maria, his wife of six years, were just one month shy of their divorce being finalized when Sosa learned Maria hired a hitman to kill him.

According to Detroit Fox 2 Channel News, Sosa and Maria endured the ups and downs that plague any marriage, but their joint business began experiencing bumps, which according to Sosa is what led to the end of their union.

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“In hindsight I believe we were having marital problems, like any other marriage. We had gone through marriage counseling together. We had a business together and we had some business problems and slowly the marriage started to deteriorate,” Sosa explained.

Instead of Maria waiting for their marriage to legally come to an end, she reportedly hired a hitman to off her her hubby for a mere $2,000. Everything would’ve worked out, except the man Maria employed was a friend of Ramon who told him of Maria’s plans.

Sosa then went to the Montgomery County deputies to devise a plan in which he would fake his own death. The hired hitman then showed Maria photos of Sosa shirtless in a shallow grave pretending to be dead from a bullet wound to the head. When Maria saw the pictures, Sosa says her reaction was heartless.

“It was a very horrible feeling. A lot of rage, a lot of different emotions, I just couldn’t believe that this person who at one time we were so in love and now she sees me dead and she’s laughing, it hurt me a lot.”

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Authorities then arrested Maria and she is now serving a 20 year sentence.

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