Man Steals Ferrari Then Gets Caught While Asking For Money At A Gas Station


A California man who allegedly stole a $340,000 Ferrari was captured by local authorities after asking for money at a nearby gas station, and (wait for it) not being sure how to properly put gas in the luxury vehicle.

It all began in October when Eadweard York’s girlfriend brought the car into a Ferrari and Maserati of Newport Beach service center to be serviced. When they arrived the next day, York said the employees tried to stall them before telling the bad news.

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“I was sitting there for about an hour … and then they come and said, ‘Sir, your car’s been stolen,'” he said.

Apparently, staff only realized the Ferrari was missing after looking at surveillance footage, York said. “It had been missing for nearly 27 hours before anyone even noticed it was stolen,” he said.

The suspect walked in and saw the keys to his girlfriend’s car on the passenger seat and literally drove away. By the time the car had been found at a Mobil Station in Santa Ana two weeks later, York said the car had been trashed and there was vomit inside.

Police approached Israel Perez Rangel after noticing him asking for money to gas up the Ferrari. “After running away from the vehicle, the suspect was arrested behind the bushes at the entrance to the Holiday Inn,” Santa Ana Police Department Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said.

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The 38-year-old reportedly already has a lengthy criminal record. York’s girlfriend has since received a check for her vehicle and purchased another car, not a Ferrari.