Miguel Releases A Funky New Single “Told You So”


Miguel’s creativity continues to reach new heights. Never the one to put out similar-sounding hits, the 32-year-old crooner released a brand new song, “Told You So,” that shows his knack for adapting to various musical sounds.

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Here, the L.A. native effortlessly switches his style without swaying from his musical principles. “Told You So” sounds different from Miguel’s previous hits, yet the song comes off as natural. With a heavy synth bass leading the track, Miguel croons of setting his lover free.

“I already know you and your ways, and all that you desire, I don’t want to control you, I came to set you free,” sings Miguel.

Also, Miguel spoke with Billboard about his forthcoming album, War & Leisure being his most politically-charged project to date, as well as him protesting immigrant rights at Adelanto Detention Center, which is a private facility near Los Angeles.

“They call them ‘detention centers,’ but they’re really jails,” Miguel says to Billboard. “You start to see the real reason behind innocent people’s lives being ruined — it’s just money. The corporations are getting money from cheap labor, essentially.”

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Stream “Told You So” below.