Omarosa Tried Taking Her Wedding Photos At The White House And Failed

Omarosa Manigault and her 39-person bridal party attempted to take photos at the White House before her wedding back in April.

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However, since the former Apprentice star reportedly did not tell members of the White House staff she’d be snapping shots at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, she is unable to post the photos until further notice. The Hill reports that the incident raised “security and ethical concerns.” Plus, it’s hard to be stealthy with a bridal party that large.

“The 43-year-old director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison reportedly didn’t warn some other senior aides or security officials that she intended to take photos in the Rose Garden and in the West Wing,” writes the New York Daily News.

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Manigault, who was booed during an appearance at the NABJ Conference this summer, married pastor John Allen Newman in the spring. We’re sure they looked lovely, but we’ll never know.