Pharrell Plans To Release A Song In 2117 To Encourage Climate Change Reform

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Pharrell has already solidified himself as an artist/producer whose music will live on for generations. Now, he’s making sure that his name and legacy will carry on for a century through an initiative that can benefit the Earth.

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According to Access Hollywood, the N.E.R.D. co-founder created a song that will be sealed until 2117. It’s part of an initiative spearheaded by cognac brand Louis XIII to bring awareness to climate change. Within its promo, humans will only hear the song if we still exist 100 years later – in case Mother Nature decides to spare us.

Titled “100 Years,” the melody serves as a “call to action” for people to get serious about climate change and what we can do to either minimize our carbon footprint or change the course of a future full of immensely powerful natural disasters.

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“The only copy of this song has been engraved on a unique clay vinyl made of soil taken directly from the LOUIS XIII vineyard in Cognac. The recording is locked in a specially-crafted water-vulnerable safe for the next 100 years,” Pharrell said. “If we continue on this destructive path, disregarding nature’s calls, the clay vinyl will disintegrate into the rising tides and we will lose this track forever.”

Watch the full spot below.

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