Pennsylvania Police Station Mocks Meek Mill’s Prison Sentence


Social media exploded with reactions to Meek Mill’s prison sentencing Monday evening (Nov. 5)  with one police station deciding to make fun of the rapper.

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Upper Darby Police, a station in Pennsylvania known for their unique social media presence, figured it was a good idea to mock the rapper’s sentencing.

The 30-year-old was sentenced to 2-4 years in prison for violating his probation. The cases in question were an altercation at a St. Louis airport and an arrest for riding his dirt bike in New York City in August. Both cases were ultimately dropped, but played in the judge’s decision to sent the rapper back to jail.

Upper Darby Police’s tweet was met with backlash over their lack of professionalism and unfortunate craving for retweets.

Over the years, the rapper has tried to bring attention to unlawful police conduct.

In 2014, he unsuccessfully sued the Philly police department in a civil-rights case for false imprisonment and invasion of privacy. The trial focused on a 10-hour traffic stop in 2012 where a group of unidentified officers handcuffed the rapper and posted of pictures of him on social media. The “Whatever U Need” rapper claimed the incident weakened his deal with Puma, where he was expected to earn $2 million and instead got just over $600, 000.

“They ain’t from where I’m from,” Mill said after he lost the case. “I (don’t) really expect them to understand what I go through. I respect their decision, though.”

Given that the tweet has met their viral ambitions, we’re sure Upper Darby won’t apologize for the joke.

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UPDATE: 11/07/17 1:38 PM EST 

Upper Darby Police is located in Pennsylvania, not Philadelphia. We regret the error.