Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Wife Learns Her Husband Cheated And She Administered Many Fades


A Qatar Airways flight made an emergency landing once a husband had to unknowingly see his wife’s hands after she learned he’d been cheating on her.

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According to reports, the family was headed to Bali, Indonesia when the wife used her sleeping husband’s finger to unlock his phone and it was then she learned he’d been unfaithful. Allegedly, the wife had already been drinking and after realizing her significant other had another, fades were reportedly administered at lightning speeds.

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The plane landed in Chennai, India after flight attendants tried but couldn’t restrain the woman. Although other passengers on board were inconvenienced, the airline will not press charges due to the fact there wasn’t any criminal activity.

Once in India the family was escorted off the plane while the pilot continued it flight to Bali.

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