Post Malone On Hip-Hop: “Who The F**k Am I To Tell You Don’t Listen To This”

Post Malone has returned to the masses to polish a few statements he made on hip-hop. During a previous interview with Newonce, the “White Iverson” rapper reportedly mentioned that if you’re looking to let out an array of emotions or take a look inward, search for music outside of rap.

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“If you’re looking for lyrics, if you’re looking to cry, if you’re looking to think about life, don’t listen to hip-hop. There’s great hip-hop songs where they talk about life and they spit real sh*t, but right now, there’s not a lot of people talking about real sh*t,” he said.

Now, to revise his remarks after a wave of backlash, the 22-year-old posted a video statement to his Twitter account on Nov. 23. He revealed that the interview began with a beer-tasting which allegedly influenced his previous statements.

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“And apparently I said that whenever you want to feel something, don’t listen to hip-hop. And it’s funny because who the f**k am I to tell you don’t listen to this and whenever you want to feel something don’t listen to this?” he said. “Or who am I to tell you that you should feel a certain way when listening to something?”

He also added that he never said he doesn’t appreciate the genre and when he wants to convey a certain emotion, he continues to look to musicians like “Bob Dylan and his guitar just like everyone else, no matter how hard you are, no matter where you’re from, you’re going to have a time where you sit back and reflect on your life and you listen to what you want to listen to.”

Watch his full testimony below.