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The Versatile Flow of Haitian Rapper Princess Eud Dominates Rap-Kreyòl

Being a woman trailblazer and rapper in the Haitian music industry is rare, and it has taught Princess Eud many hard lessons.

Born and raised in Haiti, Eunide “Princess Eud” Edouarin emerges from a culture that lacks rappers who magnify the feminine energy. Traveling throughout the Caribbean and Latin America to collaborate with artists from all corners of the world, Princess Eud made a pit stop in New Jersey to work on a song with international songstress, Emeline Michel.

Strolling around a park, Princess Eud wears her waist-long locks like a coat of armor and delves into the foundation of her artistry: “The subjects I talk about in my music are things that people are living with today. For example: women who are getting abused.”

She has been rapping and singing since she was eight years-old, when her father gifted her with a toy microphone to practice with. Today, she’s made a career of singing and dancing on stages around the globe. With over 333K followers combined across her social media platforms, Princess Eud can hardly walk down the street in her native homeland without being stopped for a picture; her versatile style often compared to hip-hop luminary Lauryn Hill.

“I love Lauryn Hill, but I have my own personality. My parents instilled a great education in me and developed my good qualities. I never learned how to be cool, it’s [just] in my blood.”

Princess Eud’s music is island-infused, filled with the rituals of dancehall and drums. With lyrics that touch on “political situations that are destroying the world,” Princess Eud has the stamina to spar with the biggest artists of our time. While digging her approach to style in her “Eudomination” music video, it's easy to imagine her on a track with the likes of Cardi B, Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma. An all-women's version of Cruel Summer’s “Don’t Like”—how sonically orgasmic would that be?

A mother to a 12-year-old boy, Princess Eud doesn’t need to actively seek motivation to be the best version of herself. She finds the light in her son, from whom she is sometimes separated for long periods of time. His very existence inspires her, providing her with greater reasons to connect with her audience.

“I want [the people] to hear the positivity in what I am saying in my songs," she says emphatically, "because I’m supposed to speak for the people who don’t have a microphone in their hands.”

She carries this sense of responsibility everywhere she goes, using music as refuge all the while. When the 2010 earthquake devastated the country, she found music to be a form of escapism, admitting that she doesn’t know what she would have done had she not been able to channel her griefs in such a way.

“I lost somebody who was really important in my life. The last time I saw him was December 24, and the earthquake happened in January. That made me really sad, but it gave me strength to write music and create,” she recalls.

Being a woman trailblazer and rapper in the Haitian music industry is rare, and it has taught Princess Eud many hard lessons. First and foremost, for instance, to stand her ground and always defend with conviction what she believes in.

“I refuse to put my head down and conform. I create what I feel and what fits me. I don’t follow trends because I have to like what I’m creating,” she says.

A second lesson of perseverance and endurance came by virtue of hair: “I’ve always been fascinated by dreadlocks, especially whenever I saw someone with them. People always ask a lot of questions about them. [Growing] locks has definitely taught me a lot about patience and friendliness.”

Get familiar with Princess Eud and listen to her album here.

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