Red Bull’s ’30 Days In Chicago’ Attendees Explain Why They’re Thankful For Music

After the realization of genocide and bad potato salad, Thanksgiving reminds us of the strong appreciation to the people, places and things that light up our lives.

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One of these elements happens to be music. In 2014, a study by Edison Research revealed 47% of Americans age 12 and over, or an estimate of 124 million people, jam out to streaming radio services like Pandora and Spotify monthly. The strong increase of music digestion has translated to the increase of Festival Culture, the creation of Apple Music, and hip-hop’s top dominance in American music.

The linage brings us to Red Bull Sound Select’s 30 Days In Chicago, where artists like Jorja Smith, Smino, 6LACK and other buzz worthy acts performed throughout the city for the month of November. Among the crowds were fans and aspiring artists themselves.

While on a trip to the Chi’s Reckless Records, VIBE chatted with a batch of talented artists who provided perspective on why music is more than just fun tunes in their headphones.

“When I listen to music, I look to feel it,” Nishon Fields, an aspiring soul singer tells VIBE. “It’s another way for me to express myself spiritually, emotionally, all the things that make me who I am.

“I’m not good at much else music is the only thing that I’m good at,” Armond Rome shared. The arts student goes by the rap moniker MUGEN! The Human. After packing his bags from Maryland’s PG County, the musician headed to Columbia College to further his music career on all fronts.

“Music has always been that one thing that’s always been my backbone.”

There’s also those who find music to be a guiding light in dark times.

“I am thankful for music because it opens doors for me,” Dontay Lockett, AKA Don Orphan, explains. “I used to be homeless so I try to tell that story in [another way.] I never thought I would perform before or have a song that people actually like.”

Check out more touching testimonials up top.

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