Remy Ma On Meek Mill: “They Set It Up So That You Go Back”


Remy Ma is gearing up to release her sophomore solo album, Seven Winters, Six Summers, a title that was inspired by her prison stint at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women. The subject of her incarceration has surfaced in multiple interviews and on reality television since she was released three years ago. The Bronx native is continuing that discussion on “The Breakfast Club” (Nov. 9) when asked about Meek Mill’s recent sentencing.

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The MMG rapper began his two to four-year prison sentence on Wednesday (Nov. 8), after he reportedly failed a drug test and sidestepped the procedure for notifying the court of his travel itinerary, ultimately violating his probation. Remy then used herself as an example of how the criminal justice system sets one up for failure from your first offense.

“Take me for instance, I did all the years that I did. But after you got out, I still have five years – not parole, no. If I was on parole I would’ve been off a year, two years ago because it only goes as long as your sentence,” she said. “What they’re doing now, they put this post-release provision on top of it where for three years, or five years, or however many years afterward, you can’t do nothing. I literally have a curfew still, I have a curfew of 12:30 every day until 2019 and I got out of prison in 2014.”

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To remain on the topic of that post-release provision, the “Wake Me Up” rapper said, “They set it up so that you go back, and it’s sad when you’re a celebrity it’s even worse because people are paying attention…It’s hard sometimes when you’re trying to be good, and you’re trying to do the right thing. It’s like no matter what you do, you never finish paying your debt to society.”

A reason why the award-winning artist remains open about her experience in prison is that she wants to help prevent anyone who hears her story from landing in the criminal justice system’s quicksand.

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“A lot of people, they don’t understand that when you go through something like that it’s traumatizing. I spent most of my adult life in prison and I became the person I am now because of what I went through,” she said. “When I speak about it, it’s not because I’m proud of it or because I’m bragging about it, I want to help you not go through this. Or if you are going through this, this is what you can do afterward…It’s things that happened to me that I share so that maybe I can prevent other people.”

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