Robber Unexpectedly Comes Face-To-Face With Victim After Taking His Order At Chipotle


Five months after a group of men invaded three roommates’ apartment in Brooklyn and swiped $1,500, one of the robbers came face-to-face again with one of the victims at a Chipotle restaurant.

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According to the New York Daily News, the suspect walked into a Mill Basin-based Chipotle when the victim who took his order recognized his face. When she called him out, the suspect instantly bolted out of the restaurant, but his face was captured on a surveillance camera.

A little boy was with the suspect at the time and police state theĀ latter appears to be in his 30s. “He picks up the kid, picks up the Chipotle,” a police source told the Daily News. “He literally runs all the way through the mall, through the parking lot.”

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The victim said when she started rattling off questions the suspect caught on and that’s when he bolted out of the food spot. When the robbery occurred in May in Crown Heights, the group of men restrained the women by tying them up and ordering them to point them in the direction of their money. The suspects are still at-large.

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