Shea Moisture Attempts To Win Our Hearts With Sexy Beard Campaign


Beard care is important, especially during “No Shave November.” Shea Moisture Men is looking to tap into the craze with their latest ad campaign featuring plenty of beautiful beards (and guys).

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Released Tuesday (Nov. 1), the #DefineYourBeard commercial looks to working professionals to share their love affairs with their beard and what they mean to them. The group of fifteen guys include music producer Wolfe The Worst, real estate guru Erick Mendoza and model Shannon Wallace.

Shea Moisture came under fire earlier this year for their “Everybody Gets Love,” advertisement which included white women. With the brand geared towards women of color, customers believed the ad shifted from their target audience to please the masses.

The company’s beard care line however, kicked off in June with face and beard washes, full beard detanglers, beard conditioning oil and beard balm.

The products do their justice on the volunteers, who look fine, fine and very fine.

Enjoy a teaser for the ad up top.

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