Snoop Dogg Comes To Marshawn Lynch’s Defense: “F**k You Donald Trump & Everything You Stand For”


Snoop Dogg has had it up to here with President Donald Trump. By “here,” we mean the highest ceiling possible.

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After news outlets picked up  Trump’s tweet towards NFL running back Marshawn Lynch, Snoop shared with his millions of followers on social media his very real reaction. “F**k Donald Trump, b***h… F**k you,” he said Monday (Nov. 20).

On Sunday (Nov. 19), Lynch decided to stand for the Mexican anthem and kneel for the National Anthem during the Raiders game against the Patriots at Azteca Stadium in Mexico City.

Trump’s reaction echoed his past sentiments about Colin Kapernick, Steph Curry and other athletes who have brought racial inequality by protesting the anthem.

Snoop, who has called out Trump constantly for his behavior as president, continued his rant of epic proportions.

“They should suspend your dumba**, motherf**ker. F**k, all the goofy s**t you do everyday,” he said. “When you gonna get suspended, motherf**ker? F**k you, I’m with Marshawn Lynch, n***a. Stand up for the Mexican motherf**king national anthem. We f**k with Mexicans, n***a. [They’re] the homies,” he added.

Snoop also called out Trump’s disdain for LaVar Ball, who refused to give him any credit allegedly clearing up his son’s shoplifting case in China. “Lavar Ball, good lookin’ out. I wouldn’t have thanked that motherf**ker either,” he said. “F**k you! Should have left him in jail? What kinda n***a is you, man? Garbage! America, ya should be ashamed of yourselves to call this piece of s**t y’all president. He ain’t mine. F**k him!”

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Yep, just over it.

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