Supa Bwe Releases Confounding Video For “I Hate Being Alive”


Newcomer Supa Bwe has his sights set on adding his distinctive charisma to the rap game. With his Finally Dead project only a month away, the Chicago native checks in with brand new visuals for his amped-up record, “I Hate Being Alive.”

Directed by Cole Bennett, the cryptic music video finds the energetic rapper laying in a casket while his eyes illuminate. In other scenes, Supa bounces around a haunted-like space, which looks like a studio, while yelling his aggressive lyrics.

“I’m trying to convey that my island is hostile to invaders, so stay away,” Supa says in a press release. “I’m expressing my disdain towards the labels I’ve inherited through actions misunderstood by those whose opinions shift with the winds. I’m encapsulating the expression ‘if you rob me, you better kill me.'”

He continues:

“I would call my sound a conglomerate of English ‘fuck you’ dystopian punk, Rick James’ cold blooded, ‘I’m going to do my cocaine and smack you about it,’ and Prince’s ambiguous individuality,” Supa Bwe says in press release. “I pull champion traits from champions.

Finally Dead, which is available for pre-order now,  will be released on Dec. 6 and features Ju Ju, Saba, Xavier Omar, among others.

Watch the video above.