Tiffany’s Is Selling A Tin Can For $1,000 Just In Case You Wanted To Cop


If you had $1,000, you could do a few things. Maybe pay your rent, pay down your credit card balance, save it towards a future home, put it towards an exotic vacation or, even better, buy a tin can from Tiffany’s!

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That’s right, for a smooth $1,000, jewelry retailer Tiffany’s is selling a tin can from their Everyday Objects collection. Tiffany’s trademark blue hue stretches down the side of the 4’5 inch can, so you know its official. However, if the tin can for an entire STACK doesn’t jive with your wallet, you can also purchase a “paper plate” for $950.

CREDIT: Tiffany's Screengrab

No food comes with either the tin can or the paper plate, but don’t let that hinder you from purchasing either item if you so choose.

Remember, Neiman Marcus merited the wrath of the Internet last year when it sold its frozen collard greens, and Chanel promoted its $1,325 boomerang earlier this year so if Tiffany’s wants to sell a $1,000 tin can, why not?

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