Tyrese Is Really Dragging This Whole Kidnapping Scheme Out

Tyrese may be claiming that he’s not crazy, but something is definitely off.

While there’s been a lot of reasons why the Fast and Furious actor has been making headlines lately, he most recently sparked interest after sharing a video of him allegedly kidnapping comedian, Michael Blackson in Beverley. It scared a couple folks at first, but we all know now it was just a stunt. Well, everyone knows, except for Tyrese. The artist is still parading around town with his fake captive, and it’s starting to get weird.

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In a new video captured by TMZ on Monday night (Nov. 20), Tyrese was seen walking behind a seemingly frightened Blackson, while holding his collar. Although it’s fairly likely the two were just meeting up to grab a bite to eat, they kept the publicity stunt going on Instagram.

A video posted on Blackmon’s Instagram account, shows footage of Tyrese controlling the comedian’s every move. He leads all the way up to the moment Tyrese forced Blackson into an SUV. “ I’m not done with this n***a yet,” Tyrese said.

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Early reports claim that LAPD paid a visit to Tyrese after viewing the staged videos on Blackmon’s account, according to TMZ. The officers reportedly retreated after finding out the videos were part of a huge joke.

Games and all, Tyrese was recently granted joint custody of his daughter, Shayla. So he might was to draw back on the silliness.

I’m not done with this nigha yet

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