Villagers In Niger Say The U.S. Soldier Killed In Ambush Was Bound And Executed


This Veterans Day will be a grim one for Myeshia Johnson, the pregnant widow who lost her husband, Sgt. La David Johnson, last month (Oct. 4). Johnson was one of four U.S. Special Forces soldiers who were killed in an enemy ambush in Niger. Donald Trump disappointed the masses as the president reportedly told Mrs. Johnson that the Sgt. “knew what he signed up for” in what was supposed to be a phone call offering condolences.

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New details have surfaced about the way he was killed. The Washington Post reports that according to two villagers in Niamey, Niger, Johnson may have been first captured, then executed.

Adamou Boubacar, a 23-year-old farmer and trader in the village, claimed that children tending to cattle found his remains in a bushy area approximately a mile from the attack site. Johnson’s wrists were bound with rope, and he sustained a gaping wound at the back of his head, as if he was struck by something. His shoes had also been taken. (The other soldiers were found in a separate location, stripped of their clothing as well.) The village chief of Tongo Tongo, Mounkaila Alassane, separately confirmed the findings to the U.S. via phone.

The discovery may provide some insight as to why it took two days for the U.S. to retrieve Johnson’s body, versus the other soldiers being found a few hours after the battle.

Our thoughts continue to go to the Johnson family at this time.