Wendy Williams Says She Banned Comedian From Talk Show After He Groped Her On Live TV

Wendy Williams has caught her share of flack for her statements regarding one of many sexual assault allegations rippling through the entertainment industry. But during her show Tuesday (Nov. 21), Williams opened up about being groped on live television.

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The subject came up as Williams was discussing sexual harassment claims against journalist Charlie Rose. The 53-year-old New Jersey native told the audience that she was groped by an unnamed comedian during season three of her talk show.

While she didn’t name the alleged groper, she did call him her “worst guest,” and dropped a major hint by doing an impression of him.

“That guest will never be here anymore, he’s not relevant anyway,” Williams said.

Before long, the internet pinned the allegation on Gilbert Gottfried who appeared on the show in 2011 and inappropriately nestled his head in between Williams’ breast upon hugging her.

“I didn’t know what to do because I was brand new on TV,  so I just [laughed],” Williams explained.

Gottfried said he can’t “remember” the incident, according to Inside Edition.

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